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Baby Piercings: Keeping Those Tiny Ears Adorned and Open

If you've taken a break from putting earrings on your baby and have recently noticed difficulty reinserting them, you're not alone. Some parents are facing the unexpected issue of seemingly closed piercing holes in their baby's ears.

New piercing holes in babies are more prone to closing quickly due to their healing process. When a piercing is made, the body's immune system begins to repair the hole, and it can close within a few hours if the earring is removed. The healing time for a baby's earlobe piercing is typically 8 weeks, while piercings in other areas or involving cartilage may take longer.

To help prevent piercings from closing, it is advisable to keep earrings in the baby's ears for an extended period while they heal. It's also important not to leave the ears without earrings for more than 24 hours during the first 9 months after piercing. Even after a baby's piercing has fully healed, there is still a possibility that the piercing hole may close if jewelry is removed for an extended period. The likelihood of closure can vary depending on factors such as the age of the piercing, its location, and the individual's healing abilities.

If you suspect that your baby's piercing hole is closing, it is best to seek assistance from a professional piercer who can assess the situation and provide guidance. They may be able to use specialized tools to reopen the piercing or advise on when it's safe to re-pierce if necessary.

To avoid complications, it's generally recommended to keep earrings in your baby's pierced ears at all times, especially when professional assistance may not be readily available to help with reinsertion in case of closure.



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